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97% of the people that quit too soon

are employed by the 3% that never gave up

Soft Skills and Behavioural Skills

Soft Skills is a synonym for “people skills”, whereas Behavioural Skills is a synonym for “self management skills. In todays competitive times just focusing on the technical skills of the person is not enough. What differentiates a great one from a good one is the right combination of skills they have. We help develop the personal attributes of individuals, which in return help the growth of a team and organisation.

Will On Woods (WOW)

“Experiential learning” is the meticulous style in which knowledge is imparted by the reflection of doing. Unlike the traditional outbound training programs, WOW challenges the status quo in experiential learning offered to educational institutions and corporates. The adept team of experienced trainers, insightful mentors, enthusiastic volunteers, an on site doctor, a full-time chef and the wilderness of The Nilgiris, at Kotagiri near Ooty.

Social Media

The sudden new hype around town is the subject of social media marketing. Is it a phase? Is it worth it? What is it actually?Your business may depend on it even if you don’t realise it right now.Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest are no longer only a friendly networking site. The technology around us is evolving at an exponential rate and you need to capitalise it and move ahead with the flow.We help organisations and individuals understand the importance of Social media and how it can help their business grow.

Leadership and Coaching

Google the word Leadership and you will get over 500 million hits. Leadership is an important function of management, which helps to maximise efficiency and to achieve organisational goals. We help your leaders develop and achieve better results by conducting various training workshop. We offer 1:1 Coaching for personal, leadership and business development.


The IT Sector is constantly evolving and innovating at higher levels making it a fast-paced and high-pressured job. Employees need constant knowledge up-gradation to be in sync with the current trends in technology. The job demands a quick understanding of the systems and processes for an effective application on a day-to-day basis.

Talent has to be at levels that were never expected earlier. We understand this and help in planning and design of such technical trainings.

Project Management

Every organisation has projects that are naturally chaotic, has lots of risks and need integration with different business processes and systems.

Our consulting and training helps your teams to create structure, establish objectives and get results within the stipulated time. We focus on business solutions that help with productivity and profitability..



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